Cards Against Humanity card holders

If you are a player of Cards Against Humanity, then you know how clumsy a multi-card answer can be. There is always a discussion about how to hand the cards to the reader, and how to do it in a way that keeps the cards in the correct reading order for the player, while persevering anonymity. I have come up with an easy and inexpensive way to solve this problem.

I created Cards Against Humanity card holders. It was really quite easy, and you can make your own. All you will need are some PVC sports card pages and a pair of scissors.


A standard, PVC 9-panel Sports Card page

The sports card pages typically come 9 to a page. The windows for each card match the size of the Cards Against Humanity cards perfectly. All you have to do is cut the pages into 3 horizontal strips, each 3 cards long.

When a card is played that requires multiple answers, just have the players slide their cards into the slots in order to be read from left to right.

Once the cards are in the slots, the carrier can be handed in face-down. This allows them to be sorted easily, while preserving the reading order.


Cards Against Humanity cards in the carrier

Your best bet to get the sports card pages is to find a friend who has a few laying around from one of their collections. Each page makes 3 carriers. If you can’t find any, you can buy boxes of 20 pages (enough for 60 carriers) on line for about $7.00. This would allow you to make plenty of sets for you and your friends.

When they are cut they fit nicely into the Bigger Blacker Box on top of the cards. If you have just a standard set, you can fold the 3rd window under, and store about 6 of the holders in the box. Or you can just carry them separately.


Storing the carriers in the Bigger Blacker Box

I made sets then played with friends. The carriers worked perfectly and we had no mix ups on any of the multi-card answers.


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2 Responses to Cards Against Humanity card holders

  1. Alison says:

    Great idea!!!!


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