I am a 53 yr-old man. I have, for almost 33 yrs, been married to a wonderful woman. Together we have 4 adult aged children.

By day I am a project manager. My after-hours interests include camping, lighthouses, photography, baseball, football, NASCAR, becoming more healthy and many other things.

I started this blog in February of 2013, withouth much of a design or intent in mind. I named it “Just some thoughts I have…” because I didn’t have anything more specific intent.

Starting on January 1, 2014 I decided to write something in the Blog every day for a year. Each day I took a quote from the book “Inspiration 365 Days a Year” by Zig Ziglar, and I wrote my own thoughts and reflections on the quote. Sometimes they were very personal, other times they were more broad based. I wrote them to be in the habit of writing, and to share with those who might want to read, what my thoughts were on a daily basis. Sometimes the words flowed from me like the water of a mighty rapid and I could barely move my hands fast enough to capture them. Other times I stared at the screen for what seemed like an eternity and barely squeak out a post. If you are interested, you can read back through that 365 project here.

In 2015 I have created a series of 30 blog posts about the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. You can find the summary page for those posts here.

In 2014 I started two other blogs, linked below. One is an Outdoor Blog where I share stories of my camping trips and other adventures in and around Michigan. It has been neglected lately, and is on my list of things to do.

The other is my blog about my journey to become healthier. There I share my triumphs, setbacks, and thoughts on the process of losing weight and increasing my exercise to become a healthier person.

Please also visit my other blogs:

My Health Journey Blog:  www.bobby-c-health.com

My Much-neglected Outdoors Blog: www.bobby-c-outdoors.com

Thank you for visiting! I always love to read comments, so please share any thoughts you may have. Just be warned, if you aren’t nice I will at least delete your comment. 🙂

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