September 12 – Being more open with my talents

September 12. “We deny our talents and abilities because to acknowledge or to confess them would commit us to use them.” (Zig Ziglar)

My first thought on this quote was to say to myself that I don’t do this! I am pretty open and honest with my talents and abilities, and I readily step up, acknowledge them, and put them to use. Except when I don’t.

There are times when I elect to keep my mouth shut about something because I simply don’t want to take on the extra work. I’ve been in staff meetings where there is a discussion, and my boss asks if there are any volunteers to work on a side project to address a concern. I know that I have some knowledge of the issue, and even some passion around how it comes out, but I elect to hold back and not raise my hand. Later when the results come back I have to remember that I didn’t raise my hand and that whatever results are presented have to be accepted.

I am not sure this is what Ziglar was talking about, but it’s the closest I can come in my life.

When I hold back on an opportunity to step up for a side assignment at work, I usually am doing so to preserve my busy schedule. I am so immersed in my primary project that I fear taking on something on the side will derail my progress by causing a distraction. The truth is that I sometimes just don’t want to deal with the hassles of the side assignment.

Perhaps I need to be more aware of this going forward. Are there opportunities I miss because I am looking to preserve the status quo? Are there places where my contribution would be of value, but I deny that I have the skills?

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