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August 22 – Taking responsibility for my message being understood by others

August 22. “A person hears only what they understand.” (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe) The art and science of communication is very difficult. We want to get our points across, and transmit our great ideas into the heads of those around … Continue reading

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10 pieces of advice for recent College Graduates

Recently I posted some advice for recent High School graduates. Here I will give some for college graduates finding their way into the work world. In no particular order, here are 10 pieces of advice I have for you: Start … Continue reading

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Off-beat keys to a good marriage…

Today is April 30th, 2013. This is my 30th post. And on this day 30 years ago, my wife and I got married!  From time to time people will ask us what the key has been to our marriage’s longevity. … Continue reading

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Words matter. Choosing the right words, at the right time increases the effectiveness of our communication. Misusing a word, or simply misunderstanding the definition can wreck your credibility. In this post I am going to talk about some words that … Continue reading

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