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Thoughts on what to tell children about the US Presidential Election

When the dust settled on the all-nighter that was the US Presidential election, some were wondering “what should we tell our children about this outcome?” I have a few ideas, and what I would tell my children, were they not … Continue reading

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Children, Dogs and Restaurants…

In recent weeks there have been several stories about restaurants electing to ban children. The most recent being a Sushi restaurant in Virginia. Here in Michigan, a bill was introduced to allow dogs inside the fences at outdoor cafes and … Continue reading

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Parenting – the tuna fish sandwich story…

My wife and I have managed to raise 4 children to adulthood. I always hesitate to say “successfully”, because who knows what the definition is of success in raising children? I think my 4  children are amazing, independent, smart, hard-working … Continue reading

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