Savor these days

Today is February 11. In the Northern Hemisphere we are deep into winter. Groundhog day came and went more than a week ago with the promise of 6 more weeks of Winter, and the calendar tells me that March 20 is still about 37 days away. I make no secret of the fact that I dislike winter weather. Being in sunny New Orleans for 4 days only served to underscore my dislike for cold air.

This morning I was driving to work. It was about 6:30am, and the temperature was hovering around 16 degrees outside. My car hadn’t warmed up yet, and my fingers were cold. As I was driving, I was thinking about the cold weather, and the date. It made me do a quick comparison in my mind.

If it were summer right now, it would be the equivalent of August 11. I love summer, but I tend to get a little blue when August comes around. It’s because I know that soon the children will be back in school, and not long after that the leaves will begin to change, and Fall will be right around the corner. It is usually about that time that my wife and I go on vacation, and I begin to savor every day while the weather is warm.

Right now I should be savoring these cold days as well. Not because I want it to remain cold, but because there are no throw away days in life. So, while the wintry winds still howl, and while snow may be in the forecast for weeks to come, I will remember to savor every day.

Today my reflection is on my ongoing notion that there are no throw away days in life. Each day is a gift, and I need to make the most of it.

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3 Responses to Savor these days

  1. betsyanne says:

    I so agree with this. Great posting! And it meant a lot to me especially today, when so many unrelated things happened. I tried your reblog button but didn’t see what happened to my posting there. Anyway, I could so relate to this today. I’m off to live in the moment and savor the rest of the day.


  2. Marie Keates says:

    There’s something in every season to be glad of and something in every day to make us smile.


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