Snow days aren’t what they were when I was a kid

I live in Southeast Michigan, and we got hit with a substantial snow storm on Super Bowl Sunday. Officially there were 14″ of snow dumped on our region. Locally I would say that is a fairly accurate amount. It started overnight on Saturday, and continued all day and night on Sunday.

The bad news is I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday to work on my Daytona 500km challenge. I did, however, clear snow 6 times yesterday with the snow thrower (and another this morning). According to the pedometer on my phone, I did well in excess of 8,000 steps, so I did meet the steps challenge

As the afternoon progressed, schools began closing, and with good reason. Roads are very snow covered and treacherous. Today is a snow day for many here. But, not for me.

While I won’t have to travel to work, I am still expected to put in my full day. In my connected, go anywhere work environment, it matters very little where I happen to set up shop. I am sure some of my meetings may be cancelled or rescheduled, but generally speaking it will be business as usual.

For those of you affected by this snow, please stay safe and warm. Within the next couple of days we will all dig out and life will go on. For today, my region is a winter wonderland.

Today my reflection is on the carefree days of my youth. In the late 1970s, today would have been a day to shovel some snow, and then watch some television. No school, no work, no extra homework. Plenty of hot cocoa, and the day to myself. Ah to be young again.

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1 Response to Snow days aren’t what they were when I was a kid

  1. vze19s6ry says:

    Snow removal is good exercise – I know first hand. Good luck.


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