December 18 – Putting my whole heart into things

December 18. “Wherever you go..go there with all your heart.” (Anonymous)

There are days when I feel like my heart just isn’t in whatever I am doing. Usually it is when I am at work, but it can be almost anywhere. There are times when I am present in the flesh, but not really in the spirit. On those days I think I need to be reminded of both this quote, and my own pledge to not have any wasted days.

There are no throw away days in life. All of them are precious. When I have days where I am half-hearted, then I am really not giving myself the opportunity to truly live those days. When I am mechanically going through the motions, I am only half-living. I might just as well have not gotten up that day.

On days when I throw myself fully into the day, I feel more alive. Whatever is the activity, when I put my mind, body and soul into it, and live it with all my heart, I am truly alive.

I am not saying that there should be no down days in my life. Like everyone else, I need to rest and to re-create myself. What I am saying is that even on those days, I need to put my heart and soul into the idea of resting for me, so I can continue to be a giving member of my life.

I tend not to be a half-way person. When I sit and think about the fact that I do have those days, it makes me sad. Today my reflection is on putting my heart into all that I do, and not having any wasted days.

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