December 2 – Commitments and promises

December 2. “Commitment is what transforms a promise to reality.” (Anonymous)

Have you ever heard the term “empty promises”? My guess is you have somewhere in your life. I know I have heard it in pop culture, the movies, politics, and even in my everyday life. In the full range of all promises that people make, there are probably some who only pay lip service to them intentionally. They are people who make something that sounds like a promise, but really it is just a manipulation to buy themselves some time, or it is an outright lie. I suspect that in the greater scheme of things these people are the minority.

Because I believe that most people are doing the best that they can in life, I also believe that most people who make promises are sincere. When that statement is made to another person, they truly do intend to follow through. But we know that even these well intentioned people sometimes fail at delivering on their promises. I know I am among those people. I have made promises to myself and others on which I did not deliver. I always intended to deliver on them, but didn’t get it done.

Today’s quote gives some insight into what makes some promises a reality while others fall by the wayside – commitment.

When I promise something to someone, and then commit myself fully to delivering on that promise, then I nearly always come through. When I don’t it is because something beyond my control got in the way, and even then I deliver most of what I said I would. It is that commitment, that drive, that “all in” attitude that propels me to deliver. It is when I put myself into things that promises become reality.

Today my reflection is on how well I deliver on the promises I make. To which have I committed myself? And which are well intentioned, but lacking in that proper level of commitment to make them real?

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