Trick or Treat dos and don’ts

I will get back to my daily thoughts tomorrow morning. As this is Halloween, I thought I would re-post this blast from the past!

Just some thoughts I have...

I originally posted this as a Facebook note on Halloween 2010. That year the weather was beautiful, unlike the rainy night around my house tonight. Thought I’d share it again as it is a Holiday favorite….

This year, for the first time in three years, I passed out candy at my own house. After having this experience, I have some tips for would-be trick-or-treaters and their escorts. Some dos and don’ts, for those out and about on this fine holiday.

IMG_0835-a Rockin’ my Papa Bear look in 2010

DO… leave your dog at home. Bringing your dog along only makes the other dogs in the neighborhood go mental barking at them. If you do decide to bring along the pooch, leave him or her at the sidewalk. I really don’t want your mutt sniffing me or pooping in my chrysanthemums while I am passing out candy.

DO…say “Trick or Treat” and…

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1 Response to Trick or Treat dos and don’ts

  1. Good reminders – and I agree that saying thank you is a good practice!


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