August 2 – Reflecting on my blind spots

August 2. “Recognizing a problem or weakness is the first step in remedying it.” (Donald Laird)

“I cannot fix what I don’t, know, or won’t admit, is a problem”, is another way of looking at this quote. In my life there have been many times when I had a weakness or a problem which I either didn’t see, or I denied that I had. Either way my conscious mind’s eye was blind to the problem. As long as that blindness persisted, I could do nothing about solving the issue.

For the last day I have been turning this quote over in my mind, trying to think about what to reflect on, and what to write. I have been wondering whether my struggle to come up with something is an indication that I am successfully facing my issues, and therefore have them recognized. Or, is my struggle an indication that I, indeed, am blind to my problems and weaknesses?

I know that there are two things which I have been working on, and writing about recently: my overall health, and my approachability at work. My journey to better health has been top of mind for me in the last 22 weeks. I have been facing my weight and overall fitness and taking them on with enthusiasm.

At work, since my mid-year review a few weeks ago, I have been addressing the question of my approachability. I know who the people were that raised this issue with my management, so I have been working hard to build my relationship with them. Along the way I am also working on the overall perception of whether I am a “go to” person when people have questions, or someone to be feared. In my job, I need to be the former, so that’s where my efforts lie.

Today, as yesterday, my reflection is on what other problems or weaknesses may be in my life which I am not addressing. What am I ignoring, or denying? Where are my true blind spots? I know there are still problems and weaknesses in my life, the concern is that I am not working on them when I could be.

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