July 7 – My love of reading

July 7. “Reading makes a man full.” (Francis Bacon)

Do you think that Francis Bacon appreciated the irony of a guy named bacon saying that something besides food could make a man full? It certainly made me smile this morning.

If knowledge is power, the best way to gain knowledge is by reading. I am a very avid reader. I read something enriching every day, whether it is on line, or in a printed book. For me there is something special about a printed book, and I love those days when I can spend an hour or two doing nothing more then turning the pages. Put that scenario under a tree in Northern Michigan, and you have one of my ideal vacation days.

In the last couple of years my reading has expanded into the world of blogs. Previously I had only a passing knowledge of what was out there in the blog world, and didn’t have much of an opinion either way about it. What I have discovered is that there are thousands of talented writers who contribute daily to various sites. There are some that are large and mainstream, and those are interesting and informative. For me the real treasure comes when I read the smaller blogs with just a handful of followers that have something important or inspirational to say. Frequently these quench my thirst for knowledge while also feeding my soul.

My reflection this morning is a bit shorter. Today I am reflecting on all of the interesting books, magazines, internet articles and blogs I have read over the years. I could not even begin to put an estimate on the number, but I can tell you the effect. With each thing that I read, whether fiction or non-fiction, my thirst to learn grows. I am not sure if I will ever be “full” from reading, but I am doing my best to find out.

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