June 7 – You have to start to be great.

June 7. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” (Joe Sabah)

Nothing great is ever accomplished solely in the mind. To do great things I know I must get up and move myself. I must find a way to get started. And, I don’t have to be highly skilled at the outset. That is the beauty of it. I can learn as I go, get better with experience, and become very good along the way.

I have written many times this year about turning aspirations into reality. With the year not yet half done, I suspect there will be more to come after today. The theme with all of them, supported by this quote today, is that it takes action. For me to be successful at anything, for me to attain new goals, I have to get myself up and moving.

Recently I had a brainstorm idea for a project. I have been saying that I someday want to write a book, and I may have struck on an idea that will work. It will require some of the kind of research done in a library, or online. And, it will require that I get out and visit many places, camera and notebook in hand. I was sitting at the table on our patio last evening doing some of the initial research into the idea. My wife was sitting across from me reading. I was telling her a bit about what I was learning. After a bit she said “Where do we start?” My initial thought was to reply that I already had, but I thought a bit longer. She as asking when we will get out and about doing the in-person research. I didn’t give a definite answer, because it will take some planning. But her question stoked the small flame inside me to do this project.

This project will take a lot of time to complete, but I think it will be well worth the effort once done. The important thing for today is that I know for it to finish, it must first start.

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