May – The open door of wisdom

May 1. “The doors of wisdom are never shut.” (Ben Franklin)

Wisdom is the knowledge that is only gained through experience. I can learn through books and classroom study, and I can gain knowledge. But wisdom will only come after I have experienced life. As a lifelong learner, Franklin knew that what he learned in books and through study would only take him so far.

I like to consider myself to be a lifelong learner as well. I am constantly reading and learning new facts and information about this world in which I live. Whether or not I would be considered wise is for someone else to say. I know that I have gained enough personal wisdom that I don’t make the same mistakes on a repeated basis.

So, when Ben says that the doors are never shut, is he saying that they are always open for one to become wise? Or is he saying that they are open to others seeking that wisdom? Either way, this quote reminds me that wisdom is only useful when shared. If I can gain insights by speaking to others who have gone through similar situations to mine, then I am better for it. And if someone seeks me out for my insights, I must be equally open.

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