Happy birthday, Bobby-c-blog!

Time definitely flies. It is one year ago today that I posted my first entry in Bobby-c-blog.com. since then I have posted 118 entries (this is number 119). I have written about a number of topics, including:

  • My personal reflections on life
  • How to plan a Graduation Party
  • People who inspired my life
  • My takes on sports
  • Lessons learned from Joe Dirt
  • Camping
  • Lighthouses
  • Restaurant reviews
  • and more…

When I first started the blog I wasn’t really sure what I wanted it to be. I knew that I wanted to do more writing, and that I wanted to have my thoughts “published” somewhere. But, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the tone to be, or what subjects would interest me most. That was why I named the blog “Just some thoughts I have”. Nothing too specific or limiting.

Right now I am working on a 365 project. Every day this calendar year I am writing a blog post about a quote from a book of quotations edited by Zig Ziglar. So far that has been a labor of love. I write the posts first thing every morning. I try to include relevant stories from my life and experience. After finishing my entry for the day, I read the next day’s entry to my mind can start turning over what I will be writing next.

Within the next few days I will be launching a new blog. This one will be centered around being in the outdoors. I will be posting about camping, hiking, restaurants, and lighthouses. I plan to include product reviews for camp items, as well as restaurant reviews for those traveling in Michigan. Some of the initial items in the blog will be re-posts from this blog, just to get the ball rolling.

So, I want to thank you for reading. In the past year I have had more than 6,000 visits to my site, and have gained many readers who receive my posts in email, or read them on Facebook. I am truly humbled that there are people who want to read what I have to say. Honestly, when I started this I was doing it just for the experience, and for a few close family members, but over time that circle has grown.

So, stay tuned in to Bobby-C, and feel free to make suggestions on things that would make the blog better. I am always open to new ideas!

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