The NFL is considering one of my suggestions!

Well, not exactly. I don’t think my actual suggestion made it to the Competition Committee, but one can dream.

Back in July, I posted my thoughts on Eliminating the most boring play in the NFL. This morning I see articles on multiple news  sources indicating that they are considering a plan similar to mine. You can read about their plan here:

ESPN article with video

Fox Sports article

The proposals being floated out are similar in that there would be the elimination of the “automatic” point from the easy kick, and teams would have the option to go for an 8th point, but at the risk of a point. There are particulars that are different. In the plan being discussed,  the scoring team would LOSE a point and go back to 6 for the touchdown. In my proposal a point would be awarded to the defensive team for stopping the 8th point. The net effect of each plan is the same.

I also spiced things up by allowing the defensive team a shot at another point if they could run back the attempt. In that scenario, the original touchdown would only account for a 5 point increase for the scoring team.

Who knows, maybe my original suggestion will be taken in full, and it will be called the “Bobby-C Rule!”

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