A New Series from Bobby-C

During a breezy afternoon on my last camping trip, I sat at the picnic table with a clipboard and pen, and brainstormed ideas for blog posts. My goal was to come up with 20 great ideas, but as I wrote it quickly multiplied. I now have almost 50 ideas for posts that I will find fun to write, and hopefully you will enjoy reading.

Two of the ideas I hit upon were to create a top ten list of my favorite lighthouse adventures, and a list of the most picturesque lights I have seen and photographed. As I worked on the two lists I found cross overs. Also, it occurred to me that each of these lists would make for long posts – perhaps longer than you might want in your inbox, or be willing to read.

Another problem is that I continue to visit new and exciting lights, and to have new and wonderful adventures. How would I include those experiences without constantly re-writing the list?

I let the idea percolate for a while and I have come up with a plan for a series that I will very much enjoy writing, and I think you will find entertaining and informative. Over the coming weeks and months I will be publishing an ongoing series of posts under the category “Lighthouse Adventures”. The titles of the articles will be “Bobby C’s Lighthouse Adventures – Name of the Light”. In each of the posts I will tell about my experience in visiting the light. I will include a picture or two, and give information on how you can visit the light as well as where you can find more information about the Light.

For those where I have knowledge of the story of the light, and the significance it had in the maritime history of the area, I will include that as well.

While I was brainstorming my list at the picnic table, I identified over 20 lights to write about, and that was before the Lighthouse Cruise I took during the trip. And, now that I am not limited to a “top x list”, the sky is the limit.

So, if you are interested in Lighthouses of the US, keep checking back here over the coming months as I tell you more about my adventures, and how you can have a great adventure too.

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