Thoughts from the Graduation Party Season

Now that the Graduation Party Season is mostly over, here are some addendum thoughts I had while cruising this year’s parties.

Innovative Photo Display I saw this one at a party in mid-June. The graduate’s family cut out large letters to spell his name from colorful poster board, then attached snapshots of his life throughout the letters. It made for a very nice backdrop to their tribute table.IMG_3964

Inexpensive Photo Poster. We were at a party in late June and admiring the photo posters for the graduate. The mom told me that it was super easy. She took the digital copies of the proofs from the Senior Shoot (with permission of the photographer of course), to Walgreens. There she used the kiosk to upload the photos. Using their standard templates, she had a sharp looking poster in just a few minutes for around $10.

Other places with photo kiosks offer similar services. Shop around for the best price. And, don’t forget that online places like will also have templates and services available. You don’t have to be a PhotoShop rock star to have a really great, inexpensive, photo poster

Proud Papa Moment of the Season. I was at a party on a horse farm in June. The mom talked to me about how she had used many of the ideas in my blog series. But, the most proud moment came when the sound system came up and the playlist began. My daughter, using Spotify, had created a 9 hour playlist for the graduate. Once she had it set up, all she had to do was share it with the grad. I must say, she did a GREAT job. She used what she knew about the musical tastes of the family, and added in many of the great standards from her party as well as her brother’s. I was swelling with pride!

As I uncover more tips for Graduation Party Planning, I will continue to post them here on my blog.

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2 Responses to Thoughts from the Graduation Party Season

  1. Dana says:

    Thanks Bob for all your great tips! They made Haley’s party a huge success! And thanks again to Kimmy for the tunes!!! I hope you had a good time. Seems like our kids want to schedule a Rudnicki/Costello night of fun and nonsense!!!


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