6 Responses to Five essential Facebook tips from Bobby-C

  1. worldwifetraveler says:

    It’s an interesting platform for sure. I think people say things on Facebook that they would like to say however I wonder if they were standing in a room with those same 500 friends, would they have the courage say the same thing??? I think this happens mostly with political debates, etc.


    • Bobby-C says:

      I quite agree. I do plan to write about that very topic in a future posting. The idea that fb can be a terrific place for honest discourse and debate, or a place for the most vile ugly exchanges depending on how you approach it.


    • renobtraf says:

      More often than not, this is the reason I don’t post things to facebook(unless I’ve been drinking).


  2. Susan says:

    I’d add #6: People who write intentionally vague or passive aggressive posts aimed at blowing off steam or fishing for interest. Things such as “well you never really know someone” or “I hate people.” Yuck. Never a good idea. I finally had to un-friend an acquaintance who continually put up these type of posts…unfortunately I don’t think she has a clue how this comes across to others.


  3. oh.. as a sidebar.. I intentionally gave up Facebook AND diet coke for 30 days this year, as I felt that neither was adding value to my life. Now every time i gulp down a sip of that cancer causing cola as I read through the days news feed..I get a sinking feeling that “this is not good for me….”


  4. Mary Sample says:

    nice read Bob, shared some good points there


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