Why a blog?

Why a blog? I guess… why not?

I have been considering putting my thoughts on things down in some form for quite a long time. I have thought of writing books about a variety of topics, but never could narrow myself down to just one theme for my writing. I have had ideas to write about Michigan Travel, Lighthouses, My photography interests, and other things. But I always felt limited. I couldn’t get myself going in any one direction with enough steam to justify the effort at writing a book.

I was really stuck in the paradigm of writing, editing, publishing. More recently – and with the helpful encouragement of some family members and close friends – I have evolved my thoughts to that of writing a blog. But, even with that evolution, I found myself troubled by the idea of having a “theme” for the blog.

This week I got an email from a friend. She suggested I write, and that I let go of the idea of a single, or even a group of themes for a blog. Since then I have had many ideas for things I’d like to write about. And this will be the place where I write them.

My intent with this blog is simply to write down some thoughts I have. And, so, that’s what the title of this blog will be “Just Some Thoughts I have…”. It’s not an electric, exciting title. But, it captures what I want to do, express some thoughts I have.

A bit about me. My name is Bob. I am 51. I’m married to a wonderful, patient woman named Debbie. We soon will celebrate our 30th anniversary. We have four adult children, all of whom are wonderful and bring much joy to our lives, if sometimes sprinkled with a challenge or two.

By day I am a project manager. After hours my interests include sports (Baseball, Football and NASCAR), camping, Lighthouses, photography, making calendars for my family and friends, and many other things.

I make no grand promises about how often I will publish.

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5 Responses to Why a blog?

  1. Really enjoying your writing. Keep it up!!


  2. Congrats Bob! I am so excited for you, and eager to read your next post! Cheers!


  3. worldwifetraveler says:

    Yay Bob! Blogging is awesome ~ such a great outlet! Enjoy!!!


  4. Wow, am honored that you are following my blog. Wonderful learning about new people. Great blog name, simple yet outstanding.


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